Welcome to PGASK universe

Information Technology and Multiservice

The main activity of the company is computing and the sale of computers according to your needs. Briefly, PGASK's goal is to creating (or restoring) a good, durable and reliable « communication » between man... and computer. ouch !

Located at Montvalent in the place known Pouillou between Gramat Martel and Rocamadour, PGASK is involved in setting up or troubleshooting your computer facilities : from computer to the internet, from the home network to the corporate network, PGASK IT is at your service.

PGASK is also electrical skills (domestic and industrial) or knowledge gathered in the activity called « Multiservice ».

The AE PGASK wishes to respond quickly and always in a quality concern.

PGASK wants to get into the programming based on « LAMP » technology (Software Development Intranet / Internet). The launch of this activity will be the opening of PGASK Prog.